13.06.2020 · 447 views

Will Instagram Block me for Buying Followers or Likes?

Can I get blocked for buying Instagram Followers

We are asked this question frequently, and the answer is No! — Instagram cannot block, ban or do anything to harm your account for buying followers or adding likes. In 6 years time and over 25,000 clients, this has never happened.

Imagine that if Instagram would ban people for buying followers, about 70% of Instagram would be banned by now. Over one billion followers are purchased each year, primarily by influencers and businesses looking to grow their credibility online. 

Besides that, if Instagram would ban people for buying followers, anyone could just buy a couple of thousand followers for their competitor to get them banned.

So no worries — your account is safe. CertifedLikes offers both automated likes and followers, as well as real accounts.