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Business Instagram Growth Statistics

How to use your profile growth to add new revenue and more...

Businesses are investing time, money, and energy in Instagram for good reasons. As of March 2019, more than 620 million people messaged a business, visited a website, or called and received directions to a business through Instagram. Clearly, people are interested in engaging and utilizing Instagram as a resource for connecting with businesses, and are attracted to profiles with more Instagram Likes and Followers. 

A popular social media profile can help your business increase traffic of high quality clients, and can be built with less than 30 minutes of dedicated maintenance time. Growing your instagram with real people and real accounts will help to add to the interaction and growth of your reputation online. Services such as CertifiedLikes, which can offer good service with instant delivery on buying instagram likes ca be a great asset to your social media growth plan. 

Additionally, the visual nature of the content posted on Instagram encourages users to shop. About 60% of Instagram users say they’ve discovered new products via the app, while 72% of users say they have purchased a product they saw on the app. In this way, Instagram is much like Pinterest had been,  encouraging shopping behavior.  Over the past 18 months, Instagram has overtaken Pinterest by 470% in terms of user behavior.

Originally, Instagram’s limitations on the number of links that could be posted disrupted the shopping process via the app. Taking note of the issue, Instagram introduced the Shoppable Feed, which is available only to Business accounts.

The shoppable feed allows brands to tag their products on Instagram posts. You’ll know posts are Instagram shoppable because there is a shopping bag icon on the top right corner of the post.

 When users tap the photo, they can see details about the product. Clicking on the details leads them to an external page where they can purchase the product—without leaving the app.

Consumers develop trust with accounts which they deem visually credible.  The primary factors to determine credibility towards a product or profile is:

 1.   The number of instagram followers and likes an account has

2.   The number of likes and interaction per post

3.   The quality of the photography, hasghtags, and content 

Services such as CertifiedLikes are essential to help businesses growth their credibility and presence on social media platforms, and to encourage more interaction and organic growth. With over 25,000 clients, CertifiedLikes is used by businesses and influencers of all sizes to help them grow, or overcome a plateau in profile growth. 

 Thought Provoking Facts and Statistics About Instagram:

Instagram’s recent, explosive growth is a tribute to the platform’s adaptability, profitability, and general ability to engage with its more than 1 billion users.

From the introduction of influencer marketing to its successful challenging of Snapchat, Instagram is clearly going to continue to dominate in the war among social media giants.

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