Certifiedlikes users reviews

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Sammy B
24.06.2019 00:59:41
I did like that I could use my credits to like several posts, and also several accounts including Instagram and YouTube both. THat is a nice feature
29.05.2019 07:27:14
It works terrific
29.05.2019 07:25:52
I hope this works💞😍. I really do like serious 💞😍.
William K.
22.05.2019 21:55:50
I received really over the top service from these guys... I would recommend to any friend. They were super responsive and went the extra mile with helping me with my orders.
Jimmy Bond.
17.05.2019 18:23:19
Zero chance it’s will make it in the fake 4 and 5 stars reviews. This and similar services provide zero real likes and followers. All accounts that like are obsolete or fake! The accounts all have zero to 3-5 post that are years old or usernames with xxxx.xxxx or usernames with numbers like bob.2345 or bob13535. Dead giveaways of fake accounts to Instagrams algorithm. Don’t wast any money on this or similar services. Instagram will remove your fake likes and followers and will delete your account or accounts if you use these services.
Customer Support
21.05.2019 16:13
Hi Jimmy - We are a very reputable service, and we deliver likes and followers of all quality levels, depending on pricing. We offer targeted likes, real followers, as well as lower priced bot products. We have thousands of very satisfied clients and have been doing this for over 6 years. :)
Chris L.
15.05.2019 20:13:52
Nice site! My instagram is fire! $30 and I basically doubled the size
Mariah L.
09.05.2019 16:19:32
Thanks for helping me with my Facebook account. Good service and good pricing.
Terry I
08.05.2019 19:16:47
I had a few questions and I wrote to the operators on chat, the were really helpful and even helped with an issue after my order. The customer service is great, I recommend the site
Customer Support
21.05.2019 16:13
Thanks Terry! We offer highly trained chat support 24/7 for sales and customer support issues.
Hannah W.
01.05.2019 17:16:18
Great service, I was very impressed with the feedback and how trained all of the team was. They gave me some new ideas on how to grow my business instagram - overall more than I expected
Roman L.
30.04.2019 17:03:25
Great support ... they even were able to reply to my detailed questions in Spanish. I was impressed and use CertifiedLikes now for my business account, we post 4x daily.
Tarah P.
22.04.2019 17:34:02
Fast Delivery ... overall I thought the prices were great and very reliable.
Arthur G.
21.04.2019 17:41:32
To be honest I was highly skeptical of this service, but I took a chance and bought a $3 starter package. My likes were delivered instantly and I was really impressed with the fast results, the prices are super cheap and now I am hooked! My Instagram is booming
Petr. K
18.04.2019 15:38:49
Greatest price on Instagram likes!!!
Douglas E.
17.04.2019 16:19:06
Good solid service. Helped my Instagram alot.
Andrew D.
11.04.2019 14:59:28
Thanks for the help. Good and Fast replying support!
Wello A.
09.04.2019 14:29:03
The slow option delivered the followers very slowly, it took almost 2 days
Customer Support
09.04.2019 14:36
Hi Wello - Our "slow" option is designed to deliver likes more slowly ... some users prefer receiving the likes or follows more naturally over time. If you are hoping for immediate or very fast delivery, we recommend selecting the "fast" or "turbo" option the next time. Hope this helps!
Lenoard K.
18.04.2019 15:41
Same happened for me but I like it .. I thought it was good that they even had a slow delivery option. If you want them faster you just choose a "fast" or "turbo" option. I didnt want to refresh my account with 5,000 more followers - I think slow helps it look more real, just my opinion.
Amber R.
08.04.2019 19:09:26
Fast delivery! thank you :)
Samuel S.
05.04.2019 17:47:04
Like it! I was able to make a big difference with my YouTube channel in a few days.
Customer Support
18.04.2019 15:39
Thanks Samuel - We are happy to hear that!
Elenaro S.
03.04.2019 14:58:35
The site was with many options, so it took me time to decide which to purchase. Everything went okay and prices were great.
Patrick K.
02.04.2019 20:18:52
Quick to deliver, and very good prices.