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Lilly T.
13.06.2020 17:26:24
Good service. I am a DJ and needed to build my Soundcloud presence. I was able to add listeners and audience quickly. very nice service
Customer Care
13.06.2020 18:23
Thanks Lilly - We appreciate the feedback!
Samantha NYC
08.06.2020 19:05:29
This was my first time buying likes. It worked really quickly, and as promised. I will definitely use this site again.
Customer Care
13.06.2020 18:24
Thanks Samantha - We are happy to hear this!
08.06.2020 16:24:50
Customer Support
22.06.2020 19:21
Thank you Ally 🥰
Fast delivery 🙌🏽
04.06.2020 13:23:32
Delivered as promised. Lots of good options and the prices are great.
Customer Support
22.06.2020 19:21
Thanks for your feedback! 🙌
27.05.2020 13:23:19
Very quick delivery YouTube followers /subscribers!
Delivered as Promised
25.05.2020 02:35:28
I am new to adding likes and followers, but this service worked as promised. I will use it again
Donald K.
20.05.2020 19:28:23
Helped me grow my profile for my training business 😎😎. These guys are good and the prices were cheap! I have no complaints.
Manni L.
20.05.2020 12:14:06
It is a good service but I wish they would let me add just likes from women
Customer Support
20.05.2020 12:15
Thanks Manni - Our likes are delivered from a real audience, so we cannot limit likes to any specific gender. I hope this helps!
Fast Views!
19.05.2020 14:08:58
Loaded instantly! I was able to add views to all of my instagram videos, it made a huge difference in how my account is received by visitors. Super recommend!
Christofer T.
19.05.2020 03:05:04
Very useful to grow YouTube ... subscribers as well as comments
🥰 Made a Huge Difference
16.05.2020 18:57:13
My profile doubled in size and I saw an immediate increase in interaction. Definitely recommend!
Edgar Enterprises, inc
06.05.2020 17:52:52
We have been using this site to grow our instagram while the business is closed, it has really made an impact in our ranking and visibiliuty. Highly recommend for business ownrs!
So Good!
24.04.2020 17:10:21
I have been using this site now almost 3 years, and I really like all of the new options that have been added. I think the pricing has been the best I have seen, and more importantly there is always a operator even at night to help if there is some question with my order. Recommend
24.04.2020 14:53:05
This is the good services. I recommend this site to y'all. You will never felt sorry when use this tool. Highly recommend.
Good also Fast
24.04.2020 01:53:02
I am in Germany and have used many of these type of services. I have to say that the selction of products is very good, and the descriptions deliver as they say they will. This is one of the best sites for adding followers and likes out there
Reid H.
22.04.2020 21:50:53
Followers came fast and were real people. Really sick and I recommend this for anyone with weak followers.
16.04.2020 07:43:33
It wasent helpful the agent didnt help.she always put links in the chat like she was changing topics wasent very helpful.
Customer Care
24.04.2020 01:54
Hi Alex - We are very sorry to hear you had an unsatisfactory experience, Please email us at admin@certifiedlikes.com and we will be sure to make things right for you. Thank you
14.04.2020 14:33:41
Good prices. Also fast delivery.
Tyna K
13.04.2020 15:30:38
Thanks 4 My Likes 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦
Got My Followers Fast
13.04.2020 03:48:05
This was a great help for me - I am a blogger but my instagram was looking a little weak. I was surprised that the followers were a very good quality and also delivered within an hour. I recommend this site